Our portfolio of clients includes everything from auto-body shop owners, to Real Estate investors with a collection of multiplex and vacation homes, to developers and beyond. As the economy continues to heat up in our local market, opportunity within the commercial Real Estate scene continues to expand. Our skyline in Sarasota is rapidly changing, and Private Client Group will have a major impact on these coming changes. If you're looking to find the perfect place to operate your business, lease, build, or book vacationers, Private Client group will help you engineer the perfect solution.

Marble Surface


Sarasota, Manatee, and it's surrounding areas have a plethora of choices for any lifestyle or budget. Our coastlines are decorated with some of the most beautiful and creatively designed luxury homes in the world. As you approach our downtown areas, you'll find well distinguished neighborhoods with mature foliage and a plethora of classic architectural styles to choose from. As you continue east, you'll find a blank canvas that is rapidly filling up with new neighborhoods occupied by the nation's top builders and developers.

Private Client Group understands the impact your choice of home will make on your life. We'll combine our passion for residential Real Estate with our expert market knowledge and unfaltering negotiation skills to ensure that your new home is the best decision of your life.



Office space can mean so many things to a business. For some, it's a breading ground for ideas that will propel a company into new markets and opportunities for growth. For others, it's the all-to-important chance to make a lasting impression on a first time customer. And for some, it's a space where parties come together to find common ground on deals that will go on to impact a community. 

Private Client Group will assess your needs and put our local expertise to action to find the perfect space that fits your business plan.


Business Sales

Private Client Group assists entrepreneurs and business owners with every aspect of buying or selling their private companies. From valuation to advertising, buyer interviews to negotiations and more; our partners have a unique combination of relevant experience, key relationships, and meticulous market research to facilitate a successful business transaction.